From the first concept to the overall design, our creative process is not disturbed by fragmentary planning. The whole planning and design process remains with us and is supervised by our team.

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  • Planning studies
  • Test planning
  • Development studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project planning

  • All project stages from developing a brief with the client via preliminary to detailed design phases, including tendering to practical completion
  • Execution planning of special areas, e.g. art projects
  • Leading

    We undertake overall management and project management for architects and general planning teams,
    also site management in specialised areas of a project.

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  • Exploring, mapping and visualisation of the client's needs
  • Developing a brief with the client
  • Planning the goals
  • Property inspections and evaluation
  • Clarifying the overall feasibility of an envisaged project
  • Clarifications with all relevant authorities and stake holders
  • Preparation of "documents of project duties" for the client
  • Support

  • We support teams in all architectural matters
  • We undertake targeted partial services within architects and general planning teams
  • Preparation and organisation of competition contests: planning the ground work for the execution of competitions according to SIA 142, i.e. preparation of the competition programme, assistance and advice in the selection of jury and group of participants, accompanying the procedure as competition secretariat. Consultancy to the client on further progress.
  • Preparation of tender competition documents for service offers in accordance with SIA 144 and accompaniment of the applicant through the procedure.