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Messe Halle 6, Basel

How to convert a still operating goods station within eight and a half months into a 28'000m2 large exhibition hall, including the associated planning? This not everyday challenge OAP took on in the position of the overall project manager and directed this tightly timed and budgeted project to rescue a prestigious fair and simultaneously give a use to the buildings of a former freight depot.

Due to the SARS-crisis in the Far East and a subsequent sales ban at the trade fair Zurich during the International Watch and Jewellery Fair in April 2003, a large part of the local smaller dealer is becoming insecure. A loss of confidence of an important customer group is suddenly threatening the traditional trading place Switzerland.

Therefore the trade fair management decides at short notice to erect 28 '''000 sqm exhibition space for the opening in April of 2004 in Basel in close proximity to the other exhibition sites of Messe Basel. The budget is approved by the Board in late June of 2003.

As an intermediate use the necessary premises and land reserves are found on the former site of a German goods railway station. The corresponding lease agreements with the landowners and existing users are being negotiated. Within 9 months, the project is planned, approved by the authorities and implemented. The construction of the building is carried out without a general contractor. The construction site allows concentrated, highly mechanized and staggered deployment of numerous contractors. Within a short time and in an exemplary cooperation with the city works Basel the necessary infrastructure is put in place for: high-voltage lines with a Transformation station station for 4 MW, water lines for sprinklers, a district heating pipeline.

Planning and design follow a very pragmatic approach: Fixed built-in exhibition stalls, installation of a restaurant incl., catering and cold rooms, people and goods lifts. In the end the budget remains slightly below estimate, which is due to tight cost control by the project management / construction management and through close cooperation with the builders.

The official opening of Basel World 2004 is taking place punctually on 15 April 2004 with the participation of numerous dignitaries from Switzerland and Hong Kong / China in the new Hall 6. The premises is used for further nine years before it finally has to give way to a new and more prestigious development. Though it remains a positive example for the reuse and refurbishment of historical industrial buildings.

MCH Messe Basel;
Projekt Management/Construction management:
OAP, Zürich
Coordination Stand:
Dany Waldner, Zürich
Project management:
Bauteam Brunegg, Brune-gg
TEF Architekten, Basel
Walther Mory Maier, Basel
Todt & Gmür Partner, Zürich
Herzog Kull Group AG, Basel
Prof. M. Fontana, ETH, Zürich
Construction cost:
ca. CHF 42 Mio (inkl. 7 Mio Standbau)
Total area:
28'000 m², davon 7'000 m² Neubau

30 Ventilation monoblocs; All halls are equipped with sprinkler protection; electrical power consumption: 4 MW
Equipment of the entire surface with raised floors; 800 Stands
Restaurant with kitchen and storage for 300 pers., 3 bars, each for 40 people

    Services OAP:
    - Architectural services 100%
    - Project management, coordination of the entire planning and execution within a general planning mandate
    - Total construction supervision, coordination of 4 site managers
    - Coordination with building owners, government agencies, entrepreneurs and users
    - Total scheduling and logistics requirements
    - Coordination and monitoring of costs and deadlines
    - Coordination and monitoring of the planning and construction management teams
    - Coordination of the detailed design and assistance in the design stage,
    - Preparing and coordinating of the entire tender process
    - Koordination Bau mit Planung und Ausführung Standbau

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