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Haus der Zukunft, Berlin

The ¨House of Future¨ is designed as a presentation platform and public laboratory for future technologies. Future must have room for the thoughts not yet thought and the pictures not yet imagined. Thus the project creates only an infrastructure and a platform where the process of changes and realignments can be tested and taught in accordance with their requirements.
The ¨House of Future¨ is an experimental and usable sculpture where things can be continuously added and obsolete equipment dismantled. The building is not meant to be a monument, but a work in progress to show the futureas a constantely changing state. New ideas are always and must be always sought.

A conscious gap in the strict urban grid of the Berlin ¨Spreebogen¨ symbolizes the openess and unpredictable of the tomorrow. A park on the entrance platform involves the public in the process of the exhibiton development; the sphere is a constantly changing sculpture in the park.

With a uniquely basic and clear geometric figure of the sphere the ¨House of Future¨ is awarded the topics befitting to the conciseness of its form. In the historic context the sphere, as a tangible form is extremely rich in tradition. As a cosmological image, it is a symbol of the globe of the earth and a futuristic form of biosphere. The sphere thus also is a unique icon for an all-encompassing sustainable understanding.

The existing height difference in terrain is used to achieve a two-storey base building at the rear part of the site, while the roof level facing the river Spree begins at street level in an inviting gesture. The room layout is mapped according to the two clearly formed shapes.
The horizontal base building is planned with spaces for large public events. With the placement of the event forum at the centre, this results in short distances to other venues, both in horizontal and in vertical direction.

The sphere area can be connected via bridges and walkways at different levels. Its main carrying elements are the four massive concrete cores, which take the goods elevator, two lifts and the emergency stairwell.The skewed concrete cores act as wind bracing of the higher building parts.
To achieve a generous space, and to allow maximum flexibility for the future, the space between the concrete cores is free spanning. The sphere also has the best form factor, that is, the optimum surface area to its volume. Both inside and outside, or on the surface the sphere can be designed in manifold ways. Parts can be replaced by new technologies (for example, solar energy panels, vertical greening, LED or screen productions) to show their practical use. Thus, not only the interior exhibition space, but the entire facade also can be used as an area to present innovative technologies. The absolute symmetrical form of the facade allows for good reproducibility / prefabrication of the elements. In this respect the "House of Future" remains not only sustainable but shows the direction into a possible future building process.

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