James Turrell ¨Four Eyes¨, Kunsthalle Mannheim

The second James Turrell installation "Four Eyes" for the Kunsthalle Mannheim was conceived for a very specific place inside the old building of the art museum. Together with the outdoor installation "Floating Windows", Kunsthalle Mannheim would have owned a unique work group of this important artist.

In the middle of the old monumental multi-storey entrance hall, with its polished stone walls, stands the unique sculpture "The big fish" by Constantin Brancusi, its charisma engulfing the entire room. In the intermediate zone behind it are four niches in which Turrells installation were supposed to be placed. Originally conceived as ¨apertures¨ by the typology in Turrel's oevre, the installations changed during discussions and evolved into "Tall Glasses", developed by the artist during this period of time. The continually and imperceptibly changing colors are reflected by walls, ceiling and floor, which gives the area a special glow and communicates with Brancusi's fish in its sublime charisma.

¨Tall Glasses¨, the so called glass frames by the artist have fascinating surfaces with pre-programmed light shifts and overlaps. Just as the outdoor installation ¨Floating Windows¨ can be seen as a symbol of the insights from outside to inside, one could also interpret the four "Tall Glasses - The Four Eyes" in the niches as outlooks from inside to outside, i.e. from dark to light. Unfortunately, these works of art were not executed.