Kunsthaus, Zug

¨The Kunsthaus Zug is a laboratory and a treasure trove of art. Both should be able to develop in parallel and continue to create an attractive and varied range of activities for the citizens of Zug and their guests. For this purpose the existing premises has become too small.¨ From Vision Kunsthaus train (altitude 1), Matthias Haldemann

In accordance with previous tradition, it is envisaged to have the planning of the new ¨Kunsthaus¨ undertaken with the formative participation of one or more artists and to have it marked by their impetus. It is expressly not sought to design an ostensible ¨Archicone¨, better known under the term Nobile effect.

The new Kunsthaus is committed mainly to the artistic content and the tradition of the experimental development of exhibitions by important contemporary artists. Thus the building and planning requirements for the Kunsthaus Zug are to reflect this experimental approach.

OAP has accompanied the client in the process of defining the brief for the new contemporary art museum, also during the competitive process of obtaining a Master plan for the reuse of the former Hospital site in Zug. Erich Offermann, as an expert in technical matters represented the interests, concerns and requirements for the new building in meetings of the Competition Jury together with the director of the Kunsthaus.

Client: Kunsthaus Zug,
OAP Architektur & Projekte, Zürich
Stiftung der Freunde Kunsthaus Zug
Services OAP
- Consulting the builder Kunsthaus
- Development of approach strategies
- Professional representation of the Kunsthaus as
Expert in the jury for the design plan old Kantonsspital-Areal, Zug¨