Werkhof, Loveresse

The open project competition, advertised by Kanton Bern, are looking for proposals for the construction of a depot, which is used for the maintenance of the main road network of the Bernese Jura.
A pre-condition of the competition is the design of a supporting structure in wood with separation of the main structure to the fit out. The execution of the heated building parts in Minergie-P-Eco, a Swiss sustainability assessment guideline, is a further precondition. Other priorities for the project are optimized operational processes of the depot and reference to the surrounding landscape.
With a vaulted timber construction and green roofs OAP decide to accentuate the Jura landscape through the buildings embedded into the surroundings.

The buildings are divided into heated and unheated parts. The compact office and workshop building is located towards the entrance. The only frost-free storage and machine park building on the opposite side extends into a long L-shape wall along the southwestern edge of the plot and forms a weather protecting courtyard.

The complex is further divided into two levels. On the upper level the administration is located, on the lower workshops and storage buildings. Thanks to the perimeter building of the storage sheds an optimal operational flexibility is provided. The large courtyard guarantees the maneuverability of the larger commercial vehicles and clear organization also for the maintenance depot.
The main building provides short ways and good communication between workshops and administration.

The buildings are defined by its expressive, the force flow following rounded wooden structure. The curved glulam beams are lined up at the same distance at different heights depending on the building use. They create a waved shape that form both the roof and one side of the facade supports. Inside the buildings, the expressive main structure is visible in all areas, allowing for the greatest possible flexibility to the independent internal structure.

OAP Architektur & Projekte, Zürich
Supporting construction, timber:
Conzett Bronzini Gartmann AG, Chur
Todt Gmür & Partner AG, Zürich
Physics/solar tecnology:
Sustech AG
Bern 2014