OAP is an architectural office whose orientation lies in the traditional image of the architect as a generalist. For us, it is self-evident to undertake the overall management of a project in addition to the various tasks of design and planning.
We are architects who understand themselves as generalists according to the more classical notion, in which architecture is the art and science of the planned design of the built human environment. This includes the examination of man-created space, and especially the interrelationship between it. We are proud to be technicians, artists, designers, developers, planners, draftsmen, builders, quantity surveyors, material engineers, construction managers, etc.
The profession of the architect is one of few whose studies lead to a generalist occupation. In this sense, we understand our tasks by embedding an idea, a vision or a need of the client into the existing environment with all its social, economic, and urban implications and its functional and technical challenges. We generate appropriate solutions based on the problems we face, which, in addition to pure functionality, represent an added value in terms of aesthetics and durability.
Being active as consultants, designers, planners and project managers, we provide a broad basis of knowledge and experience in our studies and projects as well as in lectures and publications, also through participation in specialist associations and with an important commitment to teaching. OAP is not a "realization office", of which there are almost as many as drafting offices. We regard the fragmentation and specialization of the planning sector as neither meaningful nor sustainable.
Furthermore we aim to bring our expertise, our many years of experience to complex planning and challenging building projects.
Architects have always been planning a wide range of different buildings with a variety of functions and operational requirements. The focus is on the architectural approach, which includes the input and expertise of all participants in a building project.