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Synchrotron Lichtquelle Schweiz PSI

¨Whoever travels north from Villigen sees it from afar. Flying Saucer, UFO, Frisbee or donut are the associations occurring to the visitor who encounters the circular building with the central circular courtyard. However, SLS does not only attract attention architecturally: ....¨

The deliberately enigmatic shell does not reveal its purpose to the observer at once. The shape of the shaded, deep grooves, the staggered windows, the depression in the ground, the cover with roofing felt, none of these indicate the true purpose of this enigmatic dome structure with its sliced edges.

The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI with its accelerator hall for Synchrotron Light Source Switzerland is the largest research centre for natural sciences and engineering in Switzerland.

Services Erich Offermann
- Design of the building including the construction details for Study commission. In the roof area and in the area of the outer shell were this largely by general contractor Incorporated.

Erich Offermann Phase Study contracts Team Marchand & Partner AG for GWJ Architekten Bern

Through a rigorously enforced planning philosophy, with maxims as "design to function" and especially also "design to cost", a building has been created, which on one hand reached the goals postulated by the client, but also created a significant architecture which became a symbol for the whole institution.

The individual components of the structure, designed as a composite construction from steel, wood and concrete, achieve optimal functionality according to the properties of their material.

On a massive, circular concrete structure rests one of the largest self-supporting wooden structures in the world. To meet the demanding working conditions for researchers, the highest demands therefore were made on building and interior design. This was achieved but with relatively simple means. The ventilation system for example, was located outside the building, to enable independent maintenance and to avoid the destabilization of the sensitive interior climate.

Paul Scherrer - Institut, Villigen, Schweizerisches Amt für Bundesbauten
1998-1999 (Hülle) - 2001 Inbetriebnahme des Beschleunigers
CHF 30 Mio. Betriebseinrichtung (Beschleuniger etc.) CHF 131 Mio
140'000 m2
150'000 m3

Das Paul Scherrer Institut PSI mit seiner Beschleunigerhalle für die Synchrotron-Lichtquelle Schweiz ist das grösste Forschungszentrum für Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften in der Schweiz