Kantonsschule, Uster

The basic design concept for the education centre Uster, Kanton Zurich consists of an almost square complex which is divided into three parts.
- The already existing grammar school is enhanced with only minor interventions.
- The second part is the construction of the vocational and technical colleges.
- The third part is the newly added sport centre.
All three parts are clearly distinguished in their layout, but have overlaps between them.
The facade of the new building accommodates the horizontal window line of the existing building, but that is more complex with terraces, loggias and recesses where the landscape encroaches on the building. In contrast the inner courtyards are open spaces of comparably formal design. The main entrance of the existing school is from a town planning point of view located in the right place and is merely made more generous to allow for a growing number of students. From here, the different school parts are developed by two L-shaped main axes. Located near the main entrance - on both axes - are community areas and administration. The axis for the new building will be further strengthened by multi-storey airspaces. It leads to the second entrance of the new building. In the new part of the school complex, there is an additional side entrance, which creates together with the major axis a roundabout route through the building.

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